讲者 Speakers

本地法师 Local Sangha


Venerable Ding Rong

Venerable Ding Rong was ordained in Sydney, Australia in 1994. He studied Buddhism and completed his postgraduate Buddhist Studies   at Taiwan Buddhist College.  Venerable is a much sought-after teacher in Singapore as he emphasizes on the practical application of Buddha Dharma in one’s daily life. He has conducted Dharma classes/seminars in many different countries. He has been engaged in religious leadership as Deputy Abbot of Buddhist Monastery, Board of Director for primary and secondary schools as well as religious advisors/mentors to various Sunday Dharma schools, societies and organizations.

Venerable Chuan Ren.jpg

Venerable Chuan Ren

Venerable Chuan Ren was born in Singapore, and was ordained as a monk at  Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Subsequently, the Venerable proceeded to Taiwan and Myanmar, to be ordained and recognised as a bhikkhu (Upasampanna), in Chinese as well as Theravada Buddhism. He also went as far as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Taiwan and Myanmar, to learn about meditation for many years. Currently, Venerable  Chuan Ren teaches meditation as well as dhamma in both English and Mandarin, in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia,  Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

本地讲者 Local Lay Speakers

Dr Jeffrey PO.jpg

Dr Jeffrey Po

Jeffrey holds two diplomas in Buddhist studies and has authored 4 books - Buddhist companion, Buddhist Snippets , Meditative Flow psychotherapy and Answers to Common Mental Health Issues. He also organizes annual retreats at various meditation centers in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. He is a very learned Buddhadhamma practitioners and a knowledgeable speaker/lecturer, who have been giving talks/courses for many years, and in many countries, especially at Dot Connections. He has continuously helped to invite dhamma speakers to the centre, to give dhamma talks and teach courses. With his expertise in the area of the dhamma, counselling and psychotherapy, he is instrumental in helping Dot Connections in setting up the first Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling. This is an example of application of Buddhadhamma in the daily life pertaining to Counselling and Psychotheraphy.

Sister Foo Siew Fong.jpg

Sister Foo Siew Fong

Sister Siew Fong is a lawyer by profession and is listed as a preeminent lawyer in the Doyles Guide for Singapore Family & Divorce from 2016- 2019.  Sister Siew Fong was the President of the Singapore Association of Women's Lawyers (SAWL) from 2001 to 2009. Sister Siew Fong's commitment to the community sees her as a member of the Citizenship Committee of Inquiry under the Ministry of Home Affairs and she also sits in the Board of 2 charities. In 2011, the Family and Juvenile Justice Division awarded her the Outstanding Volunteer of the Year in the Advocate and Solicitor Category. Sister Siew Fong holds a Masters in Buddhist studies and is one of the mentors for the Saturday Meditation Class at Buddhist Library Singapore.

Dr Ang Beng Choo.jpg

Dr Ang Beng Choo

Dr. Ang Beng Choo had dedicated her service in Education for more than 30 years, till towards the end of the previous millennium. After her retirement, she has been devoting herself to community  education by giving public talks on personal development, human relationship, and family education, with reference to the Buddhadhamma aplenty. Since the inauguration of Dot Connections in 2014, she has been giving dhamma talks at the centre with focus on the application of the Buddhadhamma to daily life, sharing her experience and interacting with people across the different walks of living.

海外法师 Overseas Sangha

Venerable Zhong Heng.jpg

Venerable Zhong Heng

In 1991, Venerable Zhong Heng went to Sri Lanka, to study Early India Buddhism and Pali Language. Afterwards, he went to United States in 1994 and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1998, majoring in Early India Buddhism and Sanskrit Language. In order to explain the teaching of Buddha and its wisdom to many sentient beings, and how it can be applied, by teaching in the various Buddhist institutes, temples, and lay organizations. The Venerable has edited and compiled 2 collections of suttas from the Early India Buddhism-the Agamas, namely the “Buddha’s teaching --- Madhyama Āgama”, consisting 7 volumes, and the “Buddha’s teaching - Saṃyukta Āgama”, comprising 12 volumes. They were published in 2002 and 2012 respectively.

Venerable Kai Zhao.jpg

Kaizhao @ Thera Yuttadhammo

Venerable was born in Malaysia, 1963.  He was ordained as a monk by the Elder Venerable Wen Jian at Hong Fu Temple in Penang, 1963; and graduated from the Malaysia Buddhism College, 1990. From 2007 till present, Venerable has been travelling, across the 5 continents, as he has been invited to teach the Dhamma, as well as mentoring meditation practice. He is the current religion advisor of Santavana Forest Hermitage in the United States of America; part of the executive committee at Sabah Santavana Forest Hermitage; prison counselling lecturer. Venerable’s famous publications include The Journal of Repentance by Inmates of Death Penalty (written in collaboration with inmates); Being trapped in one exit; and The Prison - Dialogues with Inmates of Death penalty in prisons across places.

Venerable Kai Ren.jpg

Venerable Kai Ren

Venerable was born in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. In 1993, he graduated with a Business diploma and a degree from the Systematic College in Petaling Jaya. He was ordained by Elder Venerable Wen Jian, Abbot of Hong Fu Temple in Penang, Malaysia, in 1997.  Between 1996 and 2005, he studied and completed the junior, senior and post graduate course at Fu Yan Buddhist Institute, Taiwan. For the period from 2005 to 2018, Venerable started teachings at Fu Yan Buddhist Institute, ITung Women’s Buddhist College, Light of Wisdom Dharma Hall, Kaoshiong City Right Belief Buddhist Youth Association etc. Venerable held the position of Vice Chancellor, Light of Wisdom Dharma Hall, from 2014 to 2018. At the start of 2019 till now, Venerable Kai Ren has been the Abbot of Malaysia Santavana Forest Hermitage.  He has published many dhamma literatures since 2005, latest being the edited version on explanation of The 37 Requisites of Enlightenment (Satta Timsa Bodhipakkhiya Dhamma) in Chinese, 2020.