课程 Courses

Since its founding in 2014, Dot Connections has seen many Dhamma courses been conducted at its premise and in April 2020, it has gone online. Some of these courses are into its 2nd. 4th and even 5th run. They are mainly the Awakening series, the Dhamma Fundamental series as well as Meditation series. Depend on the availability of the lecturers, the courses are done on a weekly basis across a few months; intensively within a month; or on ad hoc basis. The lecturers are bilingual, though the course is conducted in either Chinese or English.

英文课程 English Courses

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Introduction to the Buddhist Fundamentals

This course in English which consists of 11 lessons, taught by various earnest Dhamma practitioners, provide beginners a basic introduction to the teachings of the Buddha, the history and the practice of Buddhism.

华文课程 Chinese Courses

华文课程 Chinese Courses



The Dhamma Fundamental series in Chinese, a course consists of 14 lessons, taught by Venerable Zhong Heng, from Taiwan, which bring students into an insight study on the fundamentals of Buddha teaching.

华文课程 Chinese Courses



The Awakening series in Chinese which consists of 10 lessons, taught by Venerable Ding Rong, provide beginners a basic introduction to the teaching of Buddha, key concepts and core values

华文课程 Chinese Courses



Dot Connections has been inviting both local as well oversea Sanghas and lay teacher to conduct meditation courses. In 2019, Venerable Chuan Ren taught 10 lessons of Vipassana Meditation course based on 4 mindfulness of concentration in Chinese. He will be doing the second run in 2020.