The Karuna Buddhist
Counselling Team

With relentless effort from the Core Team, Karuna Buddhist Counselling Service (KBCS) team was formed in early 2020, which consists of more than ten professionally trained Buddhist counsellors who have been actively involved in counselling-related volunteer work. Ven. Ding Rong and Mr. Sim have conceptualized an innovative and effective Buddhist-based Counselling Framework. This framework aims at equipping KBCS counsellors and paracounsellors a systematic modality approach based on the fundamental teachings of the Buddha in the process of engaging clients, in order to inculcate Buddhist core values to more people in the community.

The Counselling team is committed to providing free professional counselling services to the community at large, regardless of their demographic background.


Our empathetic and compassionate counsellors provide professional guidance to individual who seeks help based on Buddha’s teachings such as the Four Noble Truths and Noble Eightfold Path.  Individuals are guided in self-exploratory and self-reflection process in order to cultivate self-awareness and self-realization towards a more satisfying and meaningful life. 

Mentor/Lead Counsellor:  Venerable Ding Rong

Clinical Advisor/Supervisor: Mr Sim Kwang Mong
Psychotherapist: Ms Priscilla Tang Weng Fung 

Counsellor: Ms Wang Shiow Mei

Counsellor: Ms Gouk Sok Siam

Counsellor: Mr Alvin Lim Meng Kwang

Counsellor: Mr Krish Phua Tiong Eng

Para-Counsellor: Sister Sujata

Para-Counsellor: Mr Alan Pek Kian Aik

Para-Counsellor: Mr Ang Cheng Soon

Para-Counsellor: Mr Chong Ming Lee
Para-Counsellor: Ms Eng Kim Lee

Para-Counsellor: Mr Nikko Tan Poh Yong

Para-Counsellor: Mr Samouel Ng

Para-Counsellor: Ms Sandy Saito
Para-Counsellor: Mr Simon Tan Tian Khoon
Para-Counsellor: Ms Tay Lee Li, Lily


Language: Mainly in English, Mandarin and Dialects

Reaching Out to the Sun