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Origin of KBCS and
Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling programmes 

Year 2014

Given the pressing needs and demands within the Buddhist Community, Venerable Ding Rong, had initiated a listening care corner called “Serenity Corner” at the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC). The counseling service was the first set up by Buddhist organizations in Singapore. At the same time, Ven. Ding Rong has been providing Buddhist counseling services to the public since the inception of DC.

Year 2017 – Year 2019

DC launched an initiative to set up a Buddhist counseling service to support the public of Singapore. In November 2017, Ven. Ding Rong officially formed a core team that includes graduates from the Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and professional advice and support from the Founding President of APACS, Dr. Jeffrey Po, and Former Vice President of APACS, Mr. Sim Kwang Mong.

Ven. Ding Rong envisioned the propagation of Buddhist-based Psychotherapy and Counselling knowledge through the conduct of courses such as the Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling and Basic Buddhist Counselling Courses. These courses have served as a crucial platform for nurturing Buddhist Counsellors and Para-counsellors. Through this platform, DC has amalgamated an invaluable pool of skilled volunteers to support people in need of social and emotional support, strengthening their resilience in facing life challenges. 


Year 2020 to current

Karuna Buddhist Counselling Service (KBCS) team was formed in early 2020, with relentless efforts from the Core Team members. KBCS has assembled a team of more than ten professionally trained Buddhist counselors who are actively involved and have volunteered tirelessly to provide counseling-related support to the public.


Ven. Ding Rong and Mr. Sim have conceptualized an innovative and effective Buddhist-based Counselling Framework. This framework has equipped the KBCS counselors and paracounsellors with a systematic modality approach based on the Buddha's fundamental teachings and engaging with clients to teach Buddhist core values to people in the community.


In May 2020, during the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period, Karuna Buddhist Phone Counselling Service was officially launched to reach out to the public struggling with life difficulties and stressful situations.   


As of Nov 2022, we have received direct requests from the public for Buddhist-based Counselling support, referrals from other social service agencies, Buddhist organizations, DC fellow students, volunteers, and overseas. To date, the KBCS team has humbly worked on 92 cases through phone/Online counseling, and more than 113 face-to-face cases at DC new premise located in the Lavendar area. KBCS Buddhist-based Counselling has helped clients with a range of presenting issues, broadly categorized as follows:

  • Working Towards Unconditional Happiness

  • Mental Health issues (Anxiety/Depression)

  • Existential Issues

  • Family/Relationship issues

  • Meaning/Purpose

  • Difficult emotions

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