Dot Connections Growth Centre Limited (DCGCL) has strived to promote Dhamma education as well as providing emotional support through the integration of Dhamma into Western psychotherapy and counselling modalities. The latter mission was conceptualized based on the increasing needs for emotional support as a result of social change and modernization and spiritual deprivation.

In view of the pressing need and demand for emotional support, Venerable Ding Rong, had initiated a listening care corner called “Serenity Corner” in 2014, located at Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC), with the support from SBF and SBFC. This was the first Counselling service set up by Buddhist organisations in the local community. Back in DC, Ven. Ding Rong has been providing Buddhist counselling service to the public since the inception of DC in 2014.

In order to promote the Buddhist approach to living a harmonious and healthy lay life, DC has launched an initiative of Buddhist counselling service to support the public of Singapore.  In Nov 2017, Ven. Ding Rong had invited a few DBPC graduates to join him in the Buddhist Counselling Core Team, with unfailing support from the DC Management Committee as well as the professional advice and support from the Founding President of APACS, Dr. Jeffrey Po and Former Vice President of APACS, Mr. Sim Kwang Mong. 

Further to that, Ven. Ding Rong has envisioned to promote Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling knowledge through conducting relevant courses such as Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling Course and Basic Buddhist Counselling Course that serve as a training platform for nurturing Buddhist Counsellors and Para-counsellors, who become an invaluable pool of volunteers providing support to helping people better manage their emotional issues and increase their resilience in facing life challenges. 

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